Welcome to Kamae Karate Club Website! 

Kamae Karate Club is now 10 years old and the senior instructor is Sensei Alta Venter (6th Dan).

The club practices karate in the Shotokan karate style. The stylehead is Shihan Koos Burger and he extended the style to Shotokan Karate Kase Ha which means that we also practice Shotokan karate according to Sensei Kase.

Our club is affiliated to the SASKA group and SASKA is affiliated to WUKF(World Union of Karate Do Federations).

We particiapate in regular South African open championships as well as SASKA National Championships and WUKF International - and world championships.

For any enquiries please email us or phone us. For phone number see the home page and email - see our contact section.